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IIFL Securities Its feature and Advantage

IIFL Securities


IIFL Securities Holdings Limited with the trading name of ‘IIFL’ or ‘India Infoline’, because is an Indian brokerage company providing services in various segments such as Stocks, Derivatives, IPOs, Commodities, Insurance, FDs, Bonds, Loans, etc. So Formerly known as India Infoline Ltd. The IIFL is not just a full-brokerage service company but is also one of the largest brokerage firms in India.

Headquartered in Mumbai and operating with a wide network of 4500+ branches across 950 cities in India, IIFL offers Equity and Commodity as its prime products among its comprehensive range of financial products & services.

With a significant global presence, So IIFL and its subsidiaries are backed-up by General Atlantic and CDC Group, because of a private equity entity of the UK government. It has always featured in India’s top 10 list of best brokerage companies, IIFL is ranked the number one brokerage company in terms of market capitalization.

Starting with ‘5paisa’ as its discount brokerage arm and founded in 1995, the IIFL is considered one of the best companies in terms of online trading platforms and advisory recommendations services. IIFL handles its international operations through its subsidiaries and has branch offices in different locations all over the world such as New York, London, Hong Kong, Dubai, Mauritius, Singapore, Colombo, Toronto, etc.

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Currently, besides offering Broking, Institutional Equities, Wealth and Asset Management, IIFL is focused on providing services like Investment Banking, Realty, Non-Banking and Housing Finance, Wealth and Asset Management, Property Advisory Services, etc.

Background of IIFL Securities

Started off with the firm named Probity Research and Services Ltd. and later on incorporated as India Infoline Ltd. IIFL was founded in October 1995, by ‘Nirmal Jain’, a Mumbai University graduate and alumnus of IIM, Ahmedabad.

A former employee of Hindustan Lever Limited, Mr. Jain was one of the first entrepreneurs who were benefitted after the 1991 economic liberalization in India. Within a short period, the company was fast-paced on the track to success. With its researched-based financial products, IIFL soon became widely recognized. With the advent of the internet, IIFL launched its website in 1999.

In 2000, IIFL launched its online trading portal ‘5paisa’ that is now considered one of the best discount brokerage companies in India.

After tying up with ‘ICICI Prudential’ IIFL ventured into the Insurance products segments.

With a net worth of $45 billion, IIFL provides research recommendations for over 500 stocks and is considered one of the best brokerage firms in terms of research analysis, advisory, and support.

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Products & Services

IIFL offers a wide range of financial products and services to its clients. Being a full-service brokerage the company facilitates you to trade in Stocks, Commodities, IPOs, Derivatives, Insurance, FDs, Loans, Bonds, etc.

Despite being a full-fledged brokerage So IIFL offers flat rate brokerage plans. In such plans, you are provided brokerage less Equity delivery. In other segments, you are given flat Rs. 20/- for equity delivery.

Accounts Basics

To trade in stocks you need to be registered with a firm or broker as you cannot directly trade with a stock exchange. A trading account is a fundamental requirement to buy or sell your stocks.

So however, a trading account is necessary to trade in stocks but it does not hold your assets that are realized by your transactions. For this, you need a second account, a ‘Demat’ account.

A ‘Demat’ account is just like a digital locker where you keep all your assets in digital format. However, a ‘Demat’ account keeps your assets but you cannot do trading with it. You can only trade by using your trading account.

The word ‘Demat’ is an abbreviation of ‘dematerialization’ means you dematerialize your physical assets into digital format, i.e. from physical format to electronic format.

As physical bonds, paper securities, bank certificates, etc. are prone to fire damage, forgery, theft, physical damage, etc. the SEBI has made it mandatory to have a ‘Demat’ account to hold shares and assets.

With just having a trading account and not holding a ‘Demat’ account, you are only able to trade in ‘Mutual Funds’, ETF, Gold, F&O, etc.

For a seamless trading experience in all financial segments, you need to have both of the accounts, a trading account, and a ‘Demat’ account.

Account Opening charges & AMC

Being a full-service brokerage, the company is also a registered member with NSDL and CDSL for depository services. You can open a trading account with IIFL for free. The company does not charge AMC for ‘Demat’ for the 1st year but from 2nd year onwards you are charged Rs. 450/- annually for maintenance. Account and AMC charges for ‘Demat’ services are such as with IIFL:

Demat Services
Trading Charges (One time) Rs. 0/-
Trading AMC Rs. 0/-
Demat Charges (One time) Rs. 295/-
Demat AMC (1st year) Rs. 0/-
Demat AMC (2nd year onwards) Rs. 450/-
Margin Money 75% Margin
Offline to Online Yes


Brokerage Plans

IIFL offers both types of brokerage schemes, flat rate brokerages as well as variable rates brokerage options, as per your needs and requirements.

In flat rate brokerage options, you are charged flat rates and in variable rates brokerage plans, you are charged percentage-wise. In variable plans range, you are availed with various ‘Value Added Subscription Plan’ and amount ranges from Rs. 2500/- VAS to Rs. 1,00,000/- VAS.

Brokerage Fee

Flat rate brokerage scheme is such as –

Segment Brokerage
Equity Delivery  0/-
Equity Intraday  20/-  per order
Equity Futures  20/-  per order
Equity Options  20/-  per order
Currency Futures  20/-  per order
Currency Options  20/-  per order
Commodity Futures  20/-  per order
Commodity Options 20/-  per order


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So In variable-rate brokerage plans, your brokerage is inversely proportional to your total number of transactions done in a month, Because which means if you trade in high volumes, you are charged less, but if you trade in low volume, you are charged more instead.


Variable Brokerage Charges
Intraday 0.02% – 0.05% (on both sides)
Delivery 0.15% – 0.60%
Futures 0.02% – 0.05% (on both sides)
Options Rs. 100/- per lot


1% – 2.5% of the premium (whichever is higher)



Trading Platforms

‘IIFL Securities’ provides various trading platforms to facilitate you to trade seamlessly in a wide range of segments like Equity, Currency, Derivatives, Commodity, IPOs, Futures & Options, etc. The trading platforms provided by the company are such as –

IIFL Security Markets

‘IIFL Markets’ is a mobile-based app to trade in various segments like Equity, Derivatives, Commodity, Currency, etc. So with this app, because you are facilitated to invest in a range of exchanges like Salient feature of ‘IIFL Markets’ are such as:

  • Facilitates you to invest in a range of exchanges like BSE, NSC, MCX, NCDEX, etc.
  • You can apply for IPOs using this app
  • Facilitates a secure trading atmosphere by providing a PIN-based login facility
  • You can create a customized stock list for up to 50 stocks
  • Available on all major mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows phones
  • Make available free research reports and integrated back-office report
  • Trading tips and alert notifications

Trader Terminal (TT Web)

As the name suggests, it is a web-based trading platform that you can access using a web browser of your PC or mobile phone. Features availed in this environment are such as –

  • Facilitates different types of charts and data tools
  • Live-streaming of quotes
  • Provides MTM statements regarding profit/loss
  • You can create multiple watch lists using filters
  • Provides research reports and recommendations
  • Can be accessed using a range of devices

Trader Terminal (TT.Exe)

This is installable trading software provided by the company to trade in Cash, Commodity, Derivatives, Currency, IPOs, Mutual Funds, Futures & Options, etc. using a single platform.

  • Fastest among all platforms provided by the company
  • Provides customized views
  • Facilitates advanced charting and analysis tools
  • Provides live-streaming of trading tips, news, research reports, etc.
  • Facilitates access to MTM P/L (Mark To Market Profit & Loss), depository statement, ledger, etc.
  • Facilitates a broader view for monitoring

TT Iris

This is a 3rd party tool design by ‘Spider Software India’, the company provides to you for an annual amount of Rs. 54,000/-. Being a paid software because you are avail of the most advanced tools for your trading needs. It offers an advanced charting facility for a thorough technical analysis.

So you can create a customized investment strategy with it and it shows you the stocks as per your strategy to optimize your portfolios. Besides, it offers a rich set of tools for chart analysis, point & figure charts, various market scanners, candlestick pattern scanners, etc.


IIFL Securities Mutual Funds (App)

It is a mobile-based app that facilitates you to invest in Mutual Funds online. With this, you can buy/sell, monitor, and SIP your mutual funds. Besides, the app offers to monitor your mutual funds’ performance, get alert notifications, news, professional advice & assistance, and many more.

So this app offered by the company is completely free and you can open your account using it with zero paperwork. The app is available to download for Android and iOS phone users.

Pros of IIFL Securities 

The following can be the advantages So if you choose ‘IIFL Securities’ for your investment needs:

  • A full-service brokerage and offers a wide range of financial products including Stocks, Bonds, Derivatives, Mutual Funds, IPOs, FDs, Insurance, etc.
  • Presence in over 4500 locations across 950+ cities
  • Zero brokerage Equity delivery trading for all
  • Flat Rs. 20/- brokerage available for ‘Intraday’ and ‘Futures & Options’ trading
  • Free research-based recommendations and suggestions for Mutual Funds and Equity
  • Offers advanced VTC/VTD (Valid Till Cancelled /Valid Till Date) orders type
  • Its ‘Trader Terminal’ trading platform is consider one of the best in the industry
  • Relationship Manager for every account to facilitate customized recommendation and assistance

Cons of IIFL Securities 

The following might be the potential disadvantages but if you choose to trade with IIFL Securities:

  • Does not offer a 3-in-1 account
  • You are charge  50/- for each call in the ‘Call & Trade’ service
  • Does not offer Direct Mutual Funds
  • Being a full-service brokerage and its rates are higher than discount brokerages in the market
  • Advisory on SMS is available when you pay Rs. 50/- per month

So Final Words

So ‘IIFL Securities’ is one of the best brokerage companies in India, Because you can choose for your financial investment needs. Being a full-fledged brokerage facilitates one of the industry-leading recommendations that are having based on thorough research and analysis.

However, its rates are somewhat higher than a discount-service brokerage but you are availed with expert assistance and support at the same time. A dedicated Relationship Manager (RM) provided by the company to its every client, assists and helps you in your trading requirements. SMS-based assistance is also available if you pay Rs. 50/- monthly.

IIFL provides its state-of-art research facility to its clients for free. So One of the oldest stock brokerages in India because IIFL Securities has a presence in over 4500 locations worldwide and has operations in 950 cities across the globe.

Trading platforms provided by the company are considered one of the best in the industry in terms of responsiveness and data handling & analysis, monitoring, etc.

Now the big question is why you must choose a stockbroker who the charges way more when some similar services are available by the ones who charge almost half of the price. The answer is –but if you are new to the stock market and looking for expert advisory and assistance in your trading needs to avoid potential financial losses.

Discount service brokerages the charge much lesser than IIFL but you are not availed of some of the coveter features and services that are available with the latter.

So However, if you are a proficient trader and just want basic services for your trading needs because you should choose a discount brokerage as it will save you a lot of amount in a long run.


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