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Angle Broking Features, Advantages

ANGEL Broking – What is It

Before we talk about ‘Angel Broking’, we have to understand the meaning of ‘broking’ first. Broking is defined as the business of a broker or says it ‘brokerage’. A broker is different than an agent. An agent works on behalf of a particular party and often tries to facilitate a deal with another party, usually favouring that deal to the former party with whom he may be getting a commission or some form of benefits. Broker is not an agent and works independently regardless of parties, for facilitating a deal he charges a commission or fee. A broker usually being an expert in particular business trade and being legally registered, brings buyers and sellers together so that a deal could get finalized.

‘Angel Broking’ also known as ‘Angel Broking Limited’, now ‘Angel One’, is a stockbroker Indian firm registered under ‘Bombay Stock Exchange’ (BSE), ‘National Stock Exchange of India’ (NSE), ‘Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited’ and ‘National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited’. It was established in 1996 and has more than 8500 sub-brokers (sub-brokers referred here are actually brokers who are registered under ‘Securities and Exchange Board of India(SEBI)’ and are governed by ‘SEBI Act, 1992) and the company has operations in more than 900 cities across India.

‘Angel One’ or ‘Angel Broking Limited’ also facilitates services like depository services, commodity trading services, and investment advisory services among others beside mainstream brokerage services. The company also deals in personal loans and investment services. Since 2006, the company is also providing portfolio management services and mutual funds distribution services and also has a presence in IPO (Initial Public Offering) business.

Angle Broking Background

angel broking background
source: pixabay.com

                ‘Angel One’ popularly known as ‘Angel Broking’ came into existence on 8 August 1996 as a private limited company which later on transformed into many forms such as wealth management, retail, and finally as a broking company in 1997. And in 1998, Angel Capital & Debt Market Ltd., acquired membership of the National Stock Exchange in legal means. It opened its commodity brokerage division in April 2004 and began operating as a fully-fledged broker company. With aim of gaining a reputation as a national-level firm, the company shook hands with Birla Sun Life Insurance, a well-known reputed firm, to do business in insurance services.

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In December 2007, ‘Angel Broking’ gained even more popularity when International Finance Corporation bought an 18% stake in the company for Rs. 152 crores (or roughly equivalent to today’s Rs. 400 crores or the US $52 million). In October 2012, the company opened its office in New Delhi, Karol Bagh.

Angle Broking A Setback

The company faced criticism and a big setback to its reputation when in January 2013, the company was found involved in fraudulent activities and found to be trading unfairly into share’s transactions of Sun Infoways, dated February to May 2001, along with two other entities. As a result, SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) barred the company from taking new clients for the period of two weeks. Punishment was not much of concern but it was a setback to its credibility that was much of concern. Immediately, Company filed an appeal against the SEBI order but the appeal was dismissed by Securities Appellate Tribunal.

IPO Offering

In 2020, Angel Broking’ began to offer shares by IPO (Initial Public Offering) and looked forward to regaining presence in the market through capitalization via Institutional Investors when in September 2020, it was enlisted on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE).

A New Identity 

Later on, the board of the company decided to take innovative measures to boost company brand value. With this aim, the board took several corrective measures. The Company appointed on April 22, 2021, Narayan Gangadhar, a renowned Silicon Valley veteran as the company,s CEO to boost company popularity and brand image.

On 29 May 2021, the board of the company decided to change the company’s identity by adopting a new name ‘Angel One’, as a part of radical overhauling to appeal to young investors and new millennial investors. On 3 August 2021, ‘Angel Broking’ officially became ‘Angel One’ by using a new brand logo. From September 2021, Angel Broking is being recognized as ‘Angel One’.

Angle Broking Products & Offerings

‘Angel Broking’ with the trade name of ‘Angel One’ founded by ‘Dinesh D. Thakkar’ and now registered on BSE (543235), NSE (ANGELONE), offers a range of financial services and products and has financial trading experience of 25 years which company also boost about on its website. Headquartered at ‘Ackruti Trade Center’, Andheri, Mumbai, the company deals in and offers a range of financial services like mainframe stockbroker, commodities, mutual funds, equity trading, IPO (Initial Public Offering), life insurance, depository services, health insurance,  portfolio management services, investment advisory, etc.

Financial Health
angel broking finances
source: pixabay.com

The company claims to have a good reputation with revenue of Rs. 7,427 million generated in 2019-2020, with total assets worth Rs. 21,592 (as per data of 2019-2020). While offering hundreds of options in the financial services segment, the company has subsidiaries such as ‘Angel – (Fincap Pvt. Ltd., Securities Limited., Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd., Wellness Pvt. Limited.), and ‘Mimansa Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.’, etc. to facilitate its smooth operations all over India.

Online ‘Angel Broking’ facilitates products and financial services with its official website ‘www.angelone.in’. it provides its users with services such as ‘instant account opening’ facility, ‘secure payment’ option platform, etc. Along with this, it also provides seamless digital platform for mobile users, etc. The company also boosts here that users have to pay zero brokerage charges on equity delivery trades.

Apart from this if user opens a Demat account he/she can get 15,000 of worth discount vouchers from well-known brands like, ‘1mg’, ‘boAt’, ‘GoMechanic’, ‘mivi’,  ‘mcaffeine’ etc.

Demat Intro

(Demat or dematerialized account is an account that is used to keep financial securities be it in the form of equity or debt, in electronic form.

‘National Securities Depository Limited’ and ‘Central Depository Services Ltd.’ guarantee the Demat account. A mediator such as a bank acts as an intermediate entity between a depository and an investor. Such mediator is called ‘Depository Participant’),

Diversified Trading Platforms

To reach out to the maximum number of its users and many more people, the company facilitate a mobile app named ‘Angel One App’ and for desktop users ‘Angel One Trade’ and ‘Angel Speed Pro’ along with several digital options like, ‘Smart API’, ‘Smart Money’, Smart Buzz’, ‘Smart Store’, etc.. ‘Angel One App’ company facilitate for its users to trade shares and for investment along with users can get personalized advice from financial experts who can help them to get maximum return for their investment.


Equity Trading

The company claims on its digital portal to offer premium equity services at affordable and simplified brokerage charges. And there are no hidden charges. Equity delivery at zero charges and there are no hidden charges are mentioned on the website, along with Rs. 0.00 AMC fees. With a few simple steps, you can open your account for free and can start trading in the share market.

An equity account is necessary to trade in the share market. Without it, you cannot trade in the share market. An equity a/c allows you to buy or sell shares of a company and hold these assets in electronic format. It is popularly known as ‘dematerialized’ (‘Demat’ account). Keeping your assets in a physical format like certificates, paper bonds, etc. is not safe. These can be lost or potentially can get forged. With the opening of an equity account, a user gets a unique identification number.

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With the opening of an equity account, you can trade at any time and from anywhere with the help of ‘Angel One’ app. You get real-time data and analysis of share-trading and can get an idea of when selling or buying can be beneficial.

Currency Trading

If currency trading interests you, you can open a FOREX (Foreign Exchange Market or FX) trading account with the company. Angle Broking charges Rs. 0.00 to open a trading account.

The company claims to have experience of  22+ years and also claims users get significant returns at simplified rates.

FOREX is an international trading environment. Here, 6 trillion USD trading takes place on daily basis. . For currency trading, you don’t need a ‘Demat’ account but a currency trading account. As it is a global trading environment, the business operates here 24*7.

‘Angel One’ charges low brokerage fee for currency trading. It also claims that it does not involve any middle man.

As for all the above, ‘Angel One’ app facilitates users’ real-time updates and analysis if you need personalized advice.

Commodities Trading

angel broking commodity trading
source: pixabay.com

‘Angle Broking One’ offers commodity trading If you want to do trading in commodity. For this you need to open an account.

With the mobile app, ‘Angel App’ users can trade in a commodity at any time at their fingertips. The company claims to charge zero fees for brokerage and no AMC fee. The company boasts of having experience of  22+ years in commodity trading and offers to provide premium services at simplified prices.

As the name suggests, with commodity trading you deal in commodities like agricultural produce (wheat, rice, cotton, etc.), minerals, petroleum, precious metals like gold, silver, etc., and many more.

Angle BrokingYou need to open a trading account with a broker in order to trade in Commodity.

There are two primary types of products – options and future. With the ‘Future’ option, you buy or sell your commodity at predefined rates in the future. In ‘Options’ too, you sell or buy commodities at predetermined rates. But you are free in this option, unlike ‘Future’, if you change your mind later.

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The company claims to provide 12,000 trading terminals for services through its managers and dealers and Angle Broking also claims to avail you up to 40 times leverage for returns (being highest in the industry).

F & O Trading

Angle BrokingYou need an F&O (futures and options) account to trade in derivatives. Derivatives trading incorporates buying and selling derivative products. Derivative trading means to derive value from assets like equity, currency, bonds, commodities.

‘Angel One’ claims it has its presence all over India and offers you to open F & O account irrespective of your location, if you are concerned about that if you can do trading in your preferred location. The company also facilitates you to access your account not just online but offline too. You get real-time data updates and prompt notifications for new offers and schemes with 24/7 customer support to resolve your queries with the app seamlessly.


Demat Account

                The company claims to open your Demat account online with zero charges to start trading in the stock market. You hold your assets through buying or selling of shares in a Demat account. A Demat account is just like a digital locker.

Margin Account

                You do not pay a cash amount upfront with a margin account. Rather, you deposit some percentage of a transaction while the rest remains a loan from the broker. There are different types of margin accounts such as Var margin, Extreme Loss margin, Mark-to-Market margin. Users who have a high tolerance for risk may consider having it.

IPO Account

                As already mentioned, IPO involves a company that wishes to sell its stock to the public. This can be due to need of generating capital or due to some other reasons. For IPO, the company has to get registered with ‘SEBI’, and then offers can take place. The company claims to facilitate seamless IPO trading.

Loan Against Shares

 loan against shares
source: pixabay.com

In ‘Loan Against Shares’, you can get loan amount against the guarantee of your shares.

The company facilitates loans against shares services through digital means. Loan Against Shares services is provided by the company through one of its subsidiaries, Angel Fincap Pvt. Ltd.

Trading Account

With a Demat account, you can do trading in the share market and also use it for investment products. Meanwhile, you can do stock trading only through a Trading Account but you need a Demat account for all services. Through this, company facilitates trading accounts for seamless share trading.

Intraday Trading Account

As the name suggests intraday trading services facilitate buying or selling shares on day to day basis. However, most people prefer to do business in the long term.

The company claims its brokerage rates are the lowest in the market with having extensive experience in the field. The company assures also users that it uses the latest technology to facilitate smoother and faster transactions. With this It provides support of analyzed data regarding technical and fundamental research. Apart from this, it provides suggestions of buying stocks that are most beneficial to buy.

Stock Advisory

The company provides an investment advisor for your help. This is especially helpful if you not sure about choosing investment options. Such advice is especially more important and relevant when a user invest for short term.

The company states that it provides Angle Broking SEBI registered professionals who have extensive experience and vast exposure in the related field. Therefore, you get top-notch advisory and assistance. It also has largest base of active users in terms of retail broking.

Awards and Accolades

‘Angel One’ formerly & popularly known as ‘Angel Broking’ states on its portal of having received several awards for its work like, “Broking House with Largest Distribution Network, 2009, 2013”, “Best Retail Broking House Award, 2012”, “Best Retail Equity Broking House Award, 2013”, “Best Mobile Trading Application or Global Marketing Excellence Award, 2014”, “MCX Commodity Broker of the Year Award, 2017” and many more.

In 2012-2013, the company also featured in the top 10 list of best performer’s Equity Retail Trading segment. In 2013-2014, the company featured in the top three position list of Traded Member In Equity segment. Recently, in 2021, the company received “Best Customer Education Initiative in the Equity Broking Sector at Resulticks BFSI Digital Stallions Award” “Best Search Engine Optimization in the Equity Broking Sector at Resulticks BFSI Digital Stallions Award”, “Gold Trophy for the Best Fintech Marketing Campaign at IPRCCA (PR Category)” and many more for its performance.


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