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Child Labour in India and its Solution

Child labour is a biggest problem in India. Children are the best gift of god to humanity and Childhood is a very important and immaturity stage of human life because it holds the potential to the long run development of any society. kids who are involve in any atmosphere, that is contribute to their intellectual, physical and social health, grow up to be important members of society. each nation links its future with this standing of its child.

By acting work after they are too young for the task, kids unduly scale back their gift welfare or their future financial income earning capabilities, either by shrinking their future external selection sets or by reducing their own future individual productive capabilities. underneath extreme economic distress, kids are forced to education opportunities and take up jobs that are  largely consumptive as they’re sometimes underpaid and engage in risky conditions.

Some parent are send their kid for doing  a job as a means because of poor economic conditions. it’s thus no marvel that the poor households predominantly send their childrens to work in early ages of their life. one among the upsetting aspects of kid labour is that kids are sent to work at the expense of education. there’s a powerful impact of kid labour on faculty attending rates and therefore the length of a child’s work day is negatively related to his or her capability to attend faculty.


Child labour restricts the correct of kids to access and take pleasure in education and denies the basic chance to attend faculty.
With magnified economic insecurity, lack of social protection and reduce home financial income, the Covid-19 pandemic is pushing the youngsters from poor households to contribute to the family financial income  with the chance of exposure to consumptive work. Subsequent lockdowns have worsened true, move a true risk of back following the gains create in eliminating kid labour.

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The true extent of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on child labour is however to be measure however all indications show that it’d be important as childrens are unable to attend school and colleges and parents are unable to search out work. However, not all the factors that contribute to child labour were create by the pandemic; most of them were pre-existing and are expose or amplified by it. Although the pandemic has amplified its contribute factors, policy and programmatic interventions will save childrnes.

Status of child Labour in India

Child labour refers to the employment of child in any work that deprives them of their childhood, interferes with their ability to attend regular school, which is mentally, physically, socially or morally dangerous and harmful. The Census of India 2011 reports 10.1 million working childrens within the people of 5-14 years, out of whom 8.1 million are in rural areas  engaged as cultivators (26%) and agricultural labourers (32.9%).
The side-effects of performing at a young age are
Risks of acquiring activity diseases like skin diseases, diseases of the lungs, TB etc.;
Vulnerability to sexual exploitation at the workplace;
Deprived of education.
They grow up unable to avail development opportunities and find yourself as unskilled employees of their lives.

Associated problems With the child Labour

Cause & impact Relationship

child labour and exploitation square measure the results of several factors, together with financial condition, social norms condoning them, lack of tight work opportunities for adults and adolescents, migration and emergencies. These factors aren’t solely the cause however additionally a consequence of social inequities  by discrimination.

Threat to National Economy

The continued persistence of child labour and exploitation poses a threat to national economies and has severe negative short and long consequences for kids. Like denial of education and undermining physical and psychological health.

Child Labour in Informal Sector

although child labour is prohibited the law, across India child labourers may be found during a form of informal industries like in brick kilns, carpet weaving, garment creating, agriculture, fisheries, etc.

Disguised child Labour

Despite rates of child labour declining over the years, kids are still getting used in disguise style of child labour like house servant. Work performed might not seem to be currently dangerous, however it should turn out long and devastating consequences for his or her education, their skills acquisition.
Hence their future possibilities to overcome the vicious circle of financial condition, incomplete education and poor quality jobs.

Linkage with child Trafficking

Childrens trafficking is additionally  to child labour and it perpetually leads to abuse.
Trafficker childrens are subjected to vice crime, forced into wedding or illegally adopt; they paid  low-cost or unpaid labour, are forced to work as house servants or beggars and will be recruited into armed teams.

 Role of Panchayat

As nearly 80 % or childrens labour in India emanates from rural areas, the panchayat will play a dominant role in mitigating childrens labour. During this context, panchayat should:
Generate awareness concerning the ill-effects of child labour,
Encourage parents to send their childrens to high school,
Create a atmosphere wherever kids are works stop and go to the schools.,
Ensure that childrens have adequate facilities out there in faculties,
Inform business house owners concerning the laws prohibiting child labour and therefore the penalties for violating these laws,
Activate Bal wadis and Aangan wadis within the village so working mothers don’t leave the responsibility of younger child on their older siblings.
Motivate Village Education Committees (VECs) to enhance the conditions of colleges.

 Integrated Approach

child labour in india and different sorts of exploitation square measure preventable through integrated approaches that strengthen childrens protection systems moreover as at the same time addressing financial condition and inequity. Improve access to and quality of education and mobilize public support for respecting children’s rights.

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The main example for child labour is higher personal level .These childrens haven’t any alternative aside from working as a labour within the factories child labour for these childrens is survival. If they do not work they’ll die of poverty and hunger. They’re the future of India. None of those childrens have the privilege to aiming to faculty and having the ability to going to a house at  of the day. The child labour is current at an oversized scale within the country.

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In geographic area it’s found in hotels, restaurant, tea stalls, that the executive authorities, parents, specializer, police officers and employers of public authority is accountable. There’s lack of implementations of childrens laws. Since politicians and alternative authorities ignore it and also the varied departments for the labour laws fails to implement the laws properly. Laws is merely on the paper that the lack of management of population and increasing unemployment are the big causes and politicians worry to tackle these issues visible of their vote banks.

Causes of child Labour:


Poverty is one among the most causes of child labour. In developing countries poverty  is one among the key disadvantage and also the childrens were thought of as help to feed their families, to support their families and to support themselves. Instead were ask to help them in running a family in order that the poor  parents send their children for work in the in human conditions at lower wages.


The poor economic conditions of individuals in India force them to borrow money. The illiterate look for debt from money lenders throughout emergency situation. At later purpose of your time they notice themselves difficulties to pay back in the debts and interest. As a result the debtors were create to work for money lenders so debtors drag their childrens too in helping them in order that the debts may be paid off.

Professional Needs:

There are some industries like the bangle making, wherever delicate hands and small fingers are require  to try and do terribly minute work with extreme excellence and exactitude.  Adults hands are sometimes not therefore delicate and little. So that they need kids to work for them and do such a dangerous work with glass. This usually resulted in eye accidents of the childrens.

Effects of child labour

Child labour isn’t one thing that wants recognition, in fact, if there’s a rise in child labour then it shows that the country has failing in providing basic wants to its voters, particularly childrens. In such cases, the consequences of childhood square measure solely negative.

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It not solely deprives a child of a  childhood however but there build them the victim of physical or mental torture. The childrens  becomes  emotionally, mentally mature at an early age that isn’t an good sign. It doesn’t produce however also extends poverty because the childrens isn’t ready to get basic education and he earns terribly less quantity of money because of this, for his/her family. the childrens is additionally paid less. Alternative effects of child labour are:
1. childrens would possibly suffer from deficiency disease, drug dependency and depression.
2. it would endangers childrens dignity and morals.
3. childrens could also be utilize forcefully and that they could also be sexually exploited.

Consequences / Effects:

child labour in india has many negative impacts. a number of them include:

Loss of Quality childhood.

It is important for every person to enjoy every  stage of their development. A child should be  play with friends and build memories for a life. Child labour, therefore, results in loss of quality childhood as childrens are going to be empty the chance to  the superb experiences that go with being young. A child forced to work can miss several of the nice things related to childhood.

Health problems.

child labour in india also can cause health complications because of under nourishment and poor working conditions. It’s extremely unlikely that individuals who use child even have the ethical capability to make sure that they need sensible working conditions. Working in places like mines and badly conditioned factories could end in life health problems for kids utilized to work in these places.

Psychological disorder.

It is not a good experience to be unbroken working as a childs whereas your age mates are out taking part in and aiming to faculty. Childrens also  lack the power to defend themselves from most of the challenges that occur within the work. Problems like discrimination, sexual exploitation, and unfavourable working hours could end in mental upset in these childrens. Childrens labour may additionally end in the shortage of emotional growth and therefore selfishness.


child labour in india that are  employee don’t have the time to go to high school. They pay a lots  of our  time in their workstations because the days and years blow over. The lack of education and illiteracy makes them people with restricted opportunities for employment. Education also  prepares an individual for many challenges within the society. An illiterate person considers force to be the sole answer to just about all of the challenges experienced.

child labour
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These are a number of the ways that during which the matter of child labour is address:

Free education.

Parents that don’t have money for varsity fees will use this as a chance to produce their kids with education.

moral growth.

child labour in india shouldn’t be pleased the little bit. it’s wrongfully and morally wrong. Childrens shouldn’t be allow to produce labour at the expense of obtaining  education and enjoying their childhood.  Factory  owners, shopkeepers, and industries among others shouldn’t use children.

Produce demand for skilled and trained staff.

By making the demand for experienced and trained staff. Child labour cases will reduce since most child labourers be the unskilled employee class. It’ll cause mature employment because the demand for experienced labour rises. Establishing skill-based learning centers, education centers. Technical training establishments improves acquirement and contributes to the provision of experienced and trained staff within the job market.


Creating awareness regarding the unlawfulness of child labour also can facilitate in stop this apply. Parents should to be create aware that causing their children to work and illegal  practice. Conducting a campaign to form awareness regarding its harmful effects would eliminate the apply of child labour. The govt., along side non-governmental organizations and also the civil society. Will produce a method to make such associate initiative during this regard.

Empowerment of poor  people.

Poor parents square measure the foremost affect by child labour. The poor living standards and money constraints typically build them unwilling participants during this vice. Empowering poor parents through knowledge and financial income generating comes would go an extended manner in reducing cases of child labour. Parental literacy also plays a very important role that minors aren’t to be use as a supply of labour. Empowering peoples with this type of information will produce a positive modification within the society and discourage the child labour practices in communities.

child labour
credit – https://www.freepik.com/


child labour in india belong in schools and college not workplaces. Child labour deprives kids of their right to go to high school and reinforces intergenerational cycles of poverty. Child labour acts as a serious barrier to education, effecting each attending and performance at school

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