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CyberCrime in India- Increasing Cyber Attacks every Year

CyberCrime in India  known as pc crime, is the employment of a pc as an instrument to additional banned ends, like committing fraud, trafficking in pornography and belongings, stealing identities, or violating privacy.

Cybercrime, particularly through the net, has matured in importance because the pc has become central to commerce, recreation, and government. thanks to the first and widespread adoption of computers and also the web within the u.s., most of the earliest victims and villains of crime were Americans. By the twenty-first century, though, few hamlets remained anyplace within the world that had not been touched by the crime of 1 type or another.

Cybercrime is a broad term that’s wont to outline criminal activity during which pcs or computer networks square measure a tool, a target, or an area of criminal activity and embrace everything from electronic wracking to denial of service attacks. it’s a general term that covers crimes like phishing, MasterCard frauds, bank theft, banned downloading, industrial spying, pornography, seizure of youngsters via chat rooms, scams, cyber-terrorist act, creation and or distribution of viruses, spam than on.

Categories of Cybercrime:

There are unit 3 major classes that law-breaking falls into individual, property, and government. the categories of strategies used and problem levels vary looking on the class.


This is often kind of like a real-life instance of a criminal illicitly possessing an associate individual’s bank or MasterCard details. The hacker steals a person’s bank details to realize access to funds, build purchases online or run phishing scams to urge individuals to provide away their data. they might additionally use a malicious software package to realize access to an online page with lead.


This class of law-breaking involves one individual distributing malicious or outlaw data online. this may embrace cyberstalking, distributing erotica, and trafficking.

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This is often the smallest amount of common law-breaking, however, is the most serious offence. a criminal offence against the govt. is additionally called a cyber-terrorist act. Government law-breaking includes hacking government websites, military websites, or distributing information. These criminals area unit sometimes terrorists or enemy governments of different nations.

Types of Cybercrime:

DDoS Attacks

types of cybercrime ddos attack

These square measure accustomed produce an internet service unavailable and take the network down by overwhelming the placement with traffic from a ramification of sources. big networks of infected devices known as Botnets square measure created by depositing malware on users’ computers. The hacker then hacks into the system once the network is down.


botnets types of cybercrime
credit- crowdstrike.com

Botnets square measure networks from compromised computers that square measure controlled externally by remote hackers. The remote hackers then send spam or attack various computers through these botnets. Botnets can also be accustomed act as malware and performing malicious tasks.

Identity thieving

identity thieving in cybercrime
credit- nordvpn.com

This crime happens once a criminal gains access to a user’s data to steal funds, access steerage, or participate in tax or insurance fraud. they will together open a phone/internet account in your name, use your name to rearrange a criminal activity, and claim government benefits in your name. they will do that by trying to find user’s passwords through hacking, retrieving personal data from social media, or exploit phishing emails.



This kind of crime involves online harassment where CyberCrime in India  the user is subjected to the embarrassment of online messages and emails. sometimes cyber-stalkers use social media, websites, and search engines to intimidate a user and instil worry. Usually, the cyber-stalker is alert to their victim and makes the person feel afraid or concerned for his or her safety.

Social Engineering

social engineering cybercrime

Social engineering involves criminals making direct contact CyberCrime in India  with you usually by phone or email. they have to appreciate your confidence and often cause as a shopper service agent, therefore, you’ll provide needed the specified the desired data required.

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Typically this can be often sometimes an identification, the company you are used for, or bank data. Cyber criminals will ascertain what they will relate to you on information superhighway then conceive to add you as an exponent on social accounts. Once they gain access to an account, they will sell your data or secure accounts in your name.



PUPs or probably Unwanted Programs square measure less threatening than various cybercrimes, but square measure a form of malware. They uninstall the necessary code package in your system alongside search engines and pre-downloaded apps. they will embrace spyware or adware. Therefore it’s an honest conceive to place in an antivirus code package to avoid a malicious transfer.


phishing cyber crime

This type of attack involves hackers exploiting malicious email attachments or URLs to users to appreciate access to their accounts or laptop. Cybercriminals have gotten knowledgeable and lots of these emails do not appear to be flagged as spam. Users square measure tricked into emails claiming they need to vary their identification or update their request data, giving criminals access.

Prohibited/Illegal Content

illegal content

This crime involves criminals sharing and distributing inappropriate content which will be thought-about extraordinarily distressing and offensive. Offensive content can embrace but is not restricted to, gender between adults, videos with intense violence, and videos of criminal activity. illegal content includes materials advocating terrorism-related acts and child exploitation material. this kind of content exists everyone on the everyday internet and the dark internet, Associate in Nursing anonymous network.

Online Scams

online scams in india

These square measure generally inside the sort CyberCrime in India  of ads or spam emails that embrace guarantees of rewards or offers of chimerical amounts of money. Online scams embrace participating offers that square measure “too good to be true” and once clicked on can cause malware to interfere and compromise data.

Exploit Kits

cybercrime india

Exploit kits would love a vulnerability so on notice management of a user’s laptop. They are readymade tools criminals can buy online and use against anyone with a laptop. The exploit kits square measure upgraded oft like ancient code package and square measure offered on dark internet hacking forums.

Analysis of Cybercrimes in India:

analysis of cybercrime in india

India is the second-largest online market within the world with over 560 million web users, graded solely behind China. And it’s calculable that by 2023, there would be over 650 million web users within the country. in line with the most recent national crime records bureau NCRB knowledge, a complete of 27, 248 cases of crime wherever registered in India in 2018.

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In Telangana, 1205 cybercrime cases wherever registered within the same year. Elias 2 years back.

Total number of Cybercrimes reported in India from 2012-2020

    Year No. of Crimes      Year No. of Crimes
 2012    3,477 2017  21,796
2013    5,693 2018  27,248
2014    9,622 2019  44,546
2015  11,592 2020  50,035
2016  12,317 2021 **


Impact of Cybercrime on Society:

Cybercrime has created a significant threat to those that use the net, with innumerable users’ info purloined at intervals over the past few years. It’s created a significant dent in several nations’ economies.

IBM president and corporate executive Ginni Rometty delineate law-breaking as. The greatest threat to each profession, each trade, each company within the world.” Scan below for stunning statistics on cybercrime’s impact on our society so far.

How to Fight with Cybercrime:

how to fight with cyber crime

It looks like, within the trendy age of technology, CyberCrime in India hackers are absorbing our systems and nobody is safe. The common well-time, or time it takes a corporation to observe a cyber breach, is quite 200 days. Most web users don’t seem to be abode on the fact that they will get hacked and plenty of seldom amendment their credentials or update passwords.

This leaves many of us vulnerable to law-breaking and it’s necessary to become conversant. Educate yourself et al on the preventive measures you’ll be able to absorb to guard yourself as a private or as a business.

  1. Become argus-eyed once browsing websites.
  2. Flag and report suspicious emails.
  3. Never click on unknown links or ads.
  4. Use a VPN whenever potential.
  5. Guarantee websites are safe before coming into credentials.
  6. Keep antivirus/application systems up so far.
  7. Use sturdy passwords with 14+ characters.


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