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Valued Opinions India Review

valued opinions survey  is an online survey panel operated by Dynata. The panel offered in over 15 languages across quite 20 completely different countries and has over three million members. valued opinions india members receive “cash” redeemable for vouchers for every survey in and money attracts members also command. One notable distinction between Valued Opinions and different paid surveys is the quantity they pay per survey. You’ll be able to expect to earn between $1 and $5 for every survey you complete.

The surveys offered are extra elaborated and will take longer to finish. The surveys offered are more elaborated and will take longer to finish, but, you’ll be able to still expect to rack up good earnings during an affordable quantity of your time.
Valued Opinions owned by Research now which founded in 1999. It has been around for quite a few years by now and is a reputable market research company that owns and runs many survey panels all over the world.

How Valued Opinions work  

It is a market research panel specialising in paid online surveys. Here you can take surveys, earn credit and redeem for a fantastic selection of rewards. As a member of Valued Opinions, surveys are going to sent to you via email or can seem on your member dashboard.
For every survey that you complete you will earn rewards. Once you have earned enough, you can exchange your credit for vouchers from top brands. Most of the surveys usually pay between $0.25 and up to $5. To take a survey, follow the link in your email or click “Start Survey” from your Dashboard. You’ll also receive short profile surveys that help get to know you better from time to time. These studies enable you to stay your profile up so far, which means you’ll get more relevant surveys. Profile surveys are unpaid.

Valued Opinions Log In

To earn money from the Valued Opinions site,  first, you need to create your account on Valued Opinions. To sign up, you need an e-mail account and mobile number. If you are a female between 25 to 40 years of age, you can earn more money from online paid surveys.

Steps to create an account-

  • Click on the link to register on Valued Opinion India.
  • Click to Join Now
  • Enter your details, e-mail id and password
  • Verify captcha, and click on the Submit option
Now your account created on the Valued Opinions Survey site. After that you need to complete your profile it will take 2 or 3 minutes.

Ways to earn money with Valued Opinions

1. Paid Surveys

Valued Opinions site is very easy to use, and it is very easy to find out how to use it. It is more or less offers you to take paid surveys. So you need to join, confirm your email address, and then you can start taking surveys and get for it. To induce more possibilities of obtaining surveys it’s an honest plan to fill out your member profile once you be a part of it. You are doing this once work into the platform.
These are questions on your gender, interests, preferences, and more. It doesn’t take too long to fill out. Bear in mind that you won’t earn rewards to fill out these profile queries, but, it will assist you to be matched with surveys, as quiet surveys are going to be relevant for you. You’ll be able to begin taking surveys while not filling out your profile, but, you may offered fewer.
Valued Opinions offers an honest range of paid surveys. In some countries, you may even offered daily surveys. They pay right about the time spent compared to different survey sites. Once you have got joined, you are doing not got to do a lot. You may receive email invites.
So it’s an honest plan to check the platform itself, as you may realize surveys here that haven’t sent out via email. You’ll be able to see the calculable time it takes for a survey, the topic, and thus the reward that makes it simple to choose the surveys you wish to must.
Because a survey offered, you are doing not got to take it. It’s up to you to have several of the surveys you would like to must. As already mentioned, it’s simple to use, and it’ll take you several minutes to work out a way to navigate the positioning and realize potential surveys you’ll be able to take.
The dashboard is wherever you see obtainable surveys, the rewards tab is wherever you’ll be able to request to induce your rewards, the badges tab are going to be explained a touch later during this review, and thus the explore tab is a summary with data about Valued opinions and the way to use it.

2. Dairy Studies

The surveys area unit while not a doubt the most thanks to earning on Valued Opinions. At times, you would even offered to take part in diary studies or focus teams. Dairy studies are where you for example over a period have to fill out a bit of information about the topic they study is about every day. These kinds of studies are a bit more involved than taking a survey. This does also mean that they will pay more.
I have participated in some focus groups and they ask about myself, and they usually pay quite well, and it can be a fun way to share your opinion and earn more rewards.  So if you are offered one of these two options, it is worth looking for. You can always tell the topic, the time it will take, and the reward before you say yes.

3. Member Badges

It does also have membership levels. These levels called badges. There are five levels Bronze for beginners, Silver, Gold, Platinum and the highest level is Diamond.
There are requirements valued opinions india for each level for example how many surveys you have to take, how much of your profile you have filled out and how long you have been a member.
The badges area unit, as way as I’m aware, is the simplest way to inspire yourself. You will not get big rewards for a big membership, but the badge is a way to show how active you have been on the platform. With the highest membership level, you will get the added benefit of getting more tailored survey invitations.

 Valued Opinions Earnings

Most of the surveys taken with Valued Opinions reward between $1 and $5, although at times you may sent unpaid surveys to help with identifying your unique interests. the standard survey takes 15-20 minutes to finish, but, the calculable time is often printed beforehand. for each survey completion, you’ll receive “cash” deposited into your account in real-time once finishing a survey. This will regenerated into a good variety of digital retail vouchers.
Points can redeemed for the following rewards once a least of $10 is collected: Visa promo codes, CVS/pharmacy e-gift cards e-gift cards, gift codes, Spa Week e-gift codes, valued opinions india Macy’s offline gift cards, vouchers, Chillis gift cards, e-gift cards, iTunes e-gift cards, and Southwest fast Reward Points. These rewards apply to USA members, although area units are similar in different countries.
Some reward cards go with a “premium” attached. For example, it’ll cost you $22 worth of points to buy a $20 Amazon voucher – and a $20 prepaid Visa card will cost you $25 worth of points.

 Get Paid

Your Valued Opinions account is going to be attributable once finishing the surveys. But, you’ll withdraw your winning valued opinions india quantity once after Rs. 400 You can withdraw Valued Opinions Reward in Amazon or Flipkart through gift cards. It takes only a few minutes to withdraw the Valued Opinions reward in Amazon Pay Account.
To withdraw your amount first of all you have to enter your email id, password then will send you a mail with the gift card code. Once you receive the code, follow these steps-
  • Copy the Amazon gift card code
  • Open Amazon Pay and add a gift card
  • Paste the given code and proceed
After this, refresh your Amazon pay account, and check again. This is all whole process from earning to making a withdrawal from Valued Opinions.

Is Valued Opinions Legit or a Scam?

is valued opinions india legit
Valued Opinions guarantees that the knowledge you offer remains secure. Every bit of knowledge you offer is unbroken valued opinions india anonymous and confidential. They abide by strict rules of the marketing research Association and thus the marketing research Society, creating them a secure website and not a scam. Though they’re legitimate, like any paid surveys website, your expertise with the program could vary.

Who can Join Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is available in around 20 countries. Many of these countries are Us, the UK, Australia, Ireland, Singapore, India, Thailand, South Africa, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Also on this site applied Age restrictions –
  • USA residents must be 13+
  • Australian residents must be 14+
  • All other countries residents must be 16+

Valued Opinions Pros and Cons


  • The surveys are short, taking about 15-20 minutes
  • There are lots of invitations, valued opinions india depending on your demographics.
  • Member of several market research governing bodie


  • You will not able to take all surveys
  • You cannot get paid In cash
  • Poor customer support


Valued Opinions does work, and it is a safe and legit way to earn rewards by sharing your opinion. Whether it will be worth it for you or not depends on what kind of rewards you prefer to get from survey sites.
, Gift cards can be good as cash, and if you would like to earn some gift cards and live in one of the available countries. If you only want to join survey sites that pay in cash, then you should join other sites instead.
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