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What is a Loan? Types and Eligibility Criteria


We may not continuously have the money we have a need to do to certain things or to buy for certain things. In such situation, people and businesses/firms/institutions choose the choice of borrowing money from lenders.
When a investor offers money to a person or entity with  guarantee or based trust that the recipient can repay the borrowed money with certain added profit, like  rate of interest, the method is naming loaning or taking a loan.
A loan has 3 elements – principal or the borrowed quantity, rate of interest and tenure or period that the loan is availed.
Most of us  like borrowing money from a bank or a trustworthy non – banking finance company (NBFC) as  |they’re} bound to the govt. policies and are trustworthy. loaning is one in all the first money product of any bank or NBFC (Non-Banking money Company) offers.

What is a Loan?

A  loan could be a total of money that one or a lot of people or firms borrow from banks or different money establishments thus on financially manage planned or unplanned events. In doing thus, the recipient incurs a debt, that he needs to pay back with interest and at intervals a given amount of your time.
Loans will be given to people, firms, and governments. the most plan behind take one is to get  funds to grow one’s overall finances. The interest and costs function sources of revenue for the investor.

Types of Loans

Based on the protection Provided

Secured Loans

These loans need the recipient to pledge collateral for the money being borrowed. just in case the recipient is unable to repay the loan, the bank reserves the correct to utilize the pledged collateral to recover the unfinished payment.

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The general public apply for secured loans once they need to borrow massive sums of money. Since lenders aren’t usually willing to lend massive amounts of money while not collateral, they hold the recipients’ assets as a type of guarantee. The rate of interest for such loans is far lower as compared to unsecured loans.

Some common attributes of secured loans include lower interest rates, strict borrowing limits, and long reimbursement periods. samples of secured borrowings , a mortgage, boat loan, and consumer loan.

Unsecured Loans

Unsecured loans  people who don’t need any collateral for loan disbursement. The bank analyses the past relationship with the recipient, the credit score, and different factors to work out whether or not the loan should be give  or not. The rate of interest for such loans will be higher as there’s no thanks to recover the loan quantity if the recipient defaults.

Based on the purpose

Education Loan

Education loans  finance instruments that aid the recipient pursue education. The course will either be undergraduate degree, a postgraduate degree, or the other diploma/certification course from a supposed institution/university. you need to have the admission pass provided by the establishment to induce the finance. The finance is out there each for domestic and international courses.

Personal Loan

Whenever there’s a liquidity issue, you’ll be able to choose a private loan. the aim of taking a private loan will be something from repaying old debt, occurring vacation, funding for the down payment of a house/car, and medical emergency to buying expensive piece of furniture or gadgets. Personal loans  offered supported the applicant’s past relationship with the investor and credit score.

Vehicle Loan

Vehicle loans finance the purchased  of two-wheeler and  a car. Further, the car  will be a brand new one or a second hand one. supported the on-road worth of the vehicle, the loan quantity are going to be determined by the investor. you will have to be compelled to prepare with a down payment to induce the vehicle because the loan rarely provides 100% finance. The vehicle are going to be owned by the investor till full re-payment  is formed.

Home Loan

Home loans  dedicated to receiving funds order to purchase a house/flat, construct a house, renovate/repair , existing house, or purchase a plot for the development of a house/flats. during this case, the property are going to be control by the investor and therefore the possession are going to be transferred to the rightful owner upon completion of repayments.


Based on the Pledged Assets

Gold Loan

Many financiers and lenders offers money once the recipient pledges physical gold, could it’s jewellery or gold bars/coins. The investor weighs the gold and calculates the quantity offered supported many checks of purity and different things. the money will be used for any purpose.

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The loan should be repaid in monthly instalments therefore the loan will be cleared by the top of the tenure and therefore the gold will be taken back to custody by the recipient. If the recipient fails to create the repayments on time. The investor reserves the right to take over the gold to recover the losses.

Loan Against Assets

Similar to pledging gold, people and businesses pledge property, insurance policies, FD certificates, mutual funds, shares, bonds, and different assets so as to borrow money. supported the worth of the pledged assets, the investor can supply a loan with some margin at hand.
The recipient has to create repayments on time so he/she will get custody of the pledged assets at the top of the tenure. Failing to do to thus, the investor will sell the assets to recover the defaulted money.
Important Factors Lenders looks to Approve your Application

Credit Score

Credit score plays a major role when making a decision whether or not the investor would really like to travel ahead together with your application or drop it off at the initial stage. this can be particularly the case once it involves unsecured loans.
Since a credit score represents the credit history of the recipient, the investor analyses the repayment history of the recipient and concludes whether or not the recipient will repay on time or can he default payments. The authorization relies on the lender’s judgement when the required analysis.

Income and Employment History

Your monthly or annual income and employment history plays an important role in empowerment also. Based your income and income stability within the type of consistent and stable work history. The loaner could or may not get convinced that you simply are ready to repay the loan.
Even if you’re freelance, the loaner assumes that your business is running well for the past few years and your business’s turnover is satisfactory.

Debt-to-Income Ratio

Not  having a good income, your debt-to-income is important. Just in case you’ve got  income of Rs.100000 per month and if your debt repayment commitments exceed. Rs.75,000 already, a replacement loan not  be provided to you as you may want the remaining income to require care of your domestic expenses.
Therefore, no matter your financial gain. You want to have a coffee debt-to income quantitative relation that the lenders will assume that you simply have enough cash at hand each month to form the repayments also as handle the family expenses.


Based on the collateral you offer and its current market price, the loaner could select the rate applicable to your loan. Providing collateral can build the deal safer from the lender’s perspective. Which can lead to a lot of trust and less interest rate. An unsecured loan is infamous because it includes a better rate relatively.

Down Payment

The money you’ve got saved. Therefore the effective execution of your saving plan towards a payment can increase the lender’s trust in you. The upper the payment, the lower is that the loan quantity demand.

Features and advantages of Loans

There are many forms of loans categorized based many factors.
You can select the type of loan you want to require based your demand and eligibility.
The loaner are the ultimate power to come to a decision the loan quantity they need to supply to you based many factors. Like re-payment capability, income, and others.
A re-payment tenure and rate are related to each loan.

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The bank could apply many fees and charges to each loan. Many lenders offer instant loans that take a number of minutes to few hours to get disburse. The rate is decide by the loaner support the bank of India’s guider. The loaner determines the need for security.
A third-party guarantee  are often used rather than security in some cases. The loan repayments should be create in equate monthly instalments over the pre-determine loan tenure.
There could or may be the choice for full/part pre-payment Some loan sorts. Lenders could levy a penalty for pre-payment  of loans.

Eligibility for Loan

The eligibility criteria to get a loan  varies based the type of loan you’re trying to find. typically speaking. You’ll think about the simple criteria to measure your eligibility.
A good Cibil score
Constant income flow
Age between twenty three years and sixty years at the time of entry
A few assets like FDs, investments, immoveable property, etc.
A good relationship together with your bank
A timely debt re-payment history
Documents needed


Application form with photograph
Identity and address proof
Last six months’  account statement
Latest salary Slip
Form 16


Application form with photograph
Identity and address proof
Last six months’  account statement
Proof of business
Business profile
Income Tax returns (self and business) for the last 3 years
Profit/loss statements and balance sheets of the last 3 years

Loan EMI Calculator

A Loan EMI Calculator could be a handy tool to calculate the monthly quantity due to the loaner also because the total interest. To calculate the EMI applicable to your loan quantity. All you wish to try to to is enter the values for principal quantity, Time length, and Rate of interest.


As you’ve required researched, loans are expensive. Though we will afford the monthly payment for a vehicle loan, we’d like to look at how much interest on the loan can value cost for us. Having a better understanding of loans and interest rates can help you make large purchase decisions in the future.

Author-Ankita Maurya

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