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Wow App Review- is legit or scam?

What is WowApp

Wow App Review is a unique platform where a user can not only earn money with the provided messaging tool but also allows you to earn from Wow Skin Science various activities. Doing such activities can reward the user with what’s known as “WowCoins”. These WowCoins will then be changed for real money. The platform, which is available for android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, shares 70-80% of their advertising revenue.

It was launched in 2015 after around 5 years of development, so a lot of thought and effort has been put into creating the platform. Wow Skin Science App was founded by Thomas C. Knobel, who has been an entrepreneur for many years.

How does it work

You can join the WowApp either by heading over to the WowApp website or downloading the app via Google Play or The App Store. The WowApp is a messaging app, which lets you make calls once you are in a location where Wi-Fi is provided. Every time you contact others, you will get paid for it. You don’t need a cell phone service to use the app. It then spread to other nations and can be used wherever you are in the world.

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The app earns income by advertising every time you open a message. You don’t have to click these non-intrusive ads and you will be paid whether or not you do. The developers of Wow Skin Science App want to build a more equitable world, so they’ve created an app that allows people from different countries to earn online.

When you’ve earned enough points, you can exchange those points for cash. On WowApp, 100 points or 100 coins are equal to $1. So if you earn 1000 coins, this is equal to $10.

WowApp Earnings


It has a lot of options and that is why it can be a little overwhelming at first. You’ll earn on theWow Skin Science App in many ways and you’ll give to others every time.

1. Surveys, Videos, and Offers (Instant Earn)

In the “Instant Earn” section of WowApp, you may notice many ways in which to earn. It’s for instance here you’ll notice paid surveys, wherever you’ll take surveys and find paid to share your opinion. The rewards you get for taking surveys are additional or less identical as on different survey sites, and it’s undoubtedly some way of earning that’s price sorting out. It offers surveys through third-party suppliers, which implies it’s a good quantity of surveys accessible and sometimes many per dayLike on all other survey sites, you just have to be aware that you will not qualify for all other surveys, so do not give up if there are some you not qualify for-that happens to all of us.

In the Instant Earn section, you’ll conjointly watch videos and find paid to look at these. Usually, short videos and compared to several different sites that provide videos as some way to earn it’s easier on WowApp. you only need to watch one video, then you may get the earnings into your WowApp account quickly. you’ll watch a replacement video every twenty minutes. this can not provide you with Brobdingnagian earnings however are often some ways to earn a bit further.

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In the same section, you also find other walls. This is a place where you can get paid to take paid offers. This can, for example, be to sign up for contests, download apps, and more.

2. Online Shopping

WowApp has a whole section wherever you’ll notice links to thousands of online stores. If you utilize one in every one of these links and search in one in every one of the stores, you may get money into your WowApp account. Usually, cashback between 2% – 10% you will get back. A lot of shops you can get cashback from this is pretty cool about this option on WowApp, and there are stores you can use from all over the world.

It is not directly a way to earn, as you have to spend money to get cashback. But most of us are regularly shopping online anyway, so why not then get some cashback and this way save some money.

3. Play Games

There are lots of games available in different categories such as a puzzle, adventure, sports, shooting, etc. You will earn 20% of the net revenue by playing games. Here you can play some online games in more or less any category you’ll play at no cost. It should not be something you, in my opinion, should do just to earn, as Wow Skin Science App then has options that pay better. But if like to play games, then why not earn at the same time and do it through WowApp.

4. Smart Web

This is a browser extension available for Chrome and Firefox. Once you use Smart web, you will make WowCoins for running the web, reading news, taking surveys and shopping. By using the smart web you can earn 50% of net revenue, but it’s unclear whether the different categories offer a different pay rate or not.

5. Smart Slide

This function is similar to the Wow App Review one Wow App Review  provided by another app called Slide Joy. WowApp will pay you 50% of the net revenue for displaying news and advertising on your lock screen. When you unlock your screen, you will earn.

This doesn’t take a lot of effort, therefore, are often a simple thanks to earning a bit further albeit it’ll not be a lot of. However, it will still be price victimisation, because it doesn’t extremely take any effort. In keeping with Wow Skin Science App itself, it consumes little battery power to own this operate turned on, Wow App Review therefore it shouldn’t affect the battery power of your phone.

6. Call and Chat

WowApp has a call and chats function. You earn just by using these and you’ll use them to call or chat with different members. The call function is very much like Skype where you can call other WowApp users completely for free in the app, or you can get credits and call landlines or mobiles all over the world If you ever ought to create international calls, this will be a good possibility and a good variety to Skype and different massive decision services.

The costs vary from country Wow App Review  to country. The cool factor concerning victimisation WowApp to create decisions is that you simply can earn anytime you utilize credit contrary to different similar call services. You will get 10% of whatever you spend on calling into your WowApp account.

7. Referral Program

WowApp’s referral program is significantly generous compared to other GPT sites. The thought of WowApp is predicated on sharing the financial gain that’s generated online. a section of it’s thus conjointly that you simply will invite friends to participate. If any of your friends be part of, you may earn a share whenever they earn in addition.

How much can you earn with WowApp?


As a member of WowApp, you’ll have the chance to finish surveys, and these pay an identical rate to surveys you’ll realize on different survey platforms. The cashback you get from searching may be up to 100%, therefore you’ll create some nice savings here.

The WowApp offers 800  Wow App Review  mobile and P.C games and adds new games frequently. The quantity of points that you’ll earn for games varies. for instance, some games pay fewer points and you’ll earn eighteen coins for enjoying 2 of these. Different games play tons and you’ll earn 275 coins for enjoying only one.

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Watching videos is another earning possibility, though these don’t pay tons and are solely obtainable each thirty minutes. You’ll earn points by creating paid calls to friends and different wanted ones. You’ll earn 100% of the revenue generated for every WowApp decision. These are cut loose the free calls that you simply will create for different WowApp users. They provide discriminatory rates on calls to native networks, therefore your profit during this means additionally.

Their daily offers offer you rewards however these offers amendment ofttimes, therefore you’ll invariably check the app to examine what they need. The WowApp conjointly rewards you for loyalty, therefore you’ll earn points for things like participating with folks that you’ve invited to affix your network. You’ll conjointly earn points supported however ofttimes you employ the app.

It isn’t that clear but on however your earnings are calculated during this regard. You’ll conjointly earn a share of what individuals you check with the app earn too. The referral program runs to eight levels Wow App Review  deep, therefore if you refer others and that they refer others too you’ll build a big network.

Get Paid             


A time restriction is in situ on your earnings on the WowApp. You’ll solely have your Daily Earnings obtainable for withdrawal sixty days when you’ve earned those points. Once you’ve earned enough points on the WowApp, you’ll live. To redeem your rewards, log in and click on Account. After that, click on the live page. Choose the reward that suits you.

For example, if you wish to convey to a charity, choose Charity. You’ll enter your WowApp identification throughout the method to verify your transfer. You’ll like a minimum of a hundred coins to redeem your rewards. However, every withdrawal possibility encompasses a completely different minimum.

For instance, to withdraw to PayPal, you’ll like 218 coins or more. You’ll either use your points for one thing that you’ll relish or unfold the love by tributary to at least one of over 2,000 charities that are Wow App Review  supported by the app. you’ll choose between charities in one hundred ten countries.

You can get money for your points by requesting a withdrawal to Bitcoin, PayPal or your debit or MasterCard. This selection is offered to members in many countries. You’ll conjointly arouse your points to be regenerated to mobile credit.

Is the WowApp Legit?

Yes, the WowApp is legit and does pay its members for engaging with the available activities. The App has been in existence since 2015 and was founded by Thomas C. Knobel.

WowApp Pros and Cons


  • Free to join
  • Members report having received their rewards
  • Available worldwide
  • Opportunity to give to a charity doing stuff you would normally be doing
  • A many numbers ways to earn
  • Available to both iOS and Android device users


  • Confusing process for calculating rewards
  • Very small earning opportunity
  • They charged a  Wow App Review fee for some payout methods


You can earn by using the platform, and you can get paid out in legit ways.

Overall, Wow Skin Science App is, in my opinion, a good platform to generate some extra income.  Just be aware of the high payout fees so they do not come as a surprise. It is a site that has good opportunities worldwide, which is rare, and it has great payout methods so definitely worth giving a try.

If you have any questions or any experience with WowApp, I would like to hear from you in the comment section.

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