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Disney+ Hotstar is worth it or not ?

(IPL)  Indian Premier League is a one of the most liked & watched cricket tournaments worldwide. Its 2020 iteration is present in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) across 3 stadiums in the country. All IPL matches are being stream live via the Star network and Disney+ Hotstar here in India.

There are such a large amount of media streaming applications within the market, and currently we’ve another one add in the list, Disney+ Hotstar, that has been launched in India on April 3rd,2020. Is it value shopping for Premium membership? If affirmative, then that film maker and Hotstar plan do you have to obtain very important person or Premium? Is Disney+ Hotstar a worthy rival to the opposite extraordinary platforms in India.

Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar is that the most liked streaming service within the country. It offers customers content like Dream11 IPL, Formula 1, Star TV Shows, Disney+ shows .. the company recently present 2 offers  plans to customers to subscribe from: Disney+ Hotstar very important person(VIP) at 399 per annum and  Premium priced at  299 per month or  1,499 per annum. each of those plans supply variety of advantages, that we’ve detail below:

Plan Name plan Price Duration
Disney+ Hot star Premium


Disney+ Hotstar Premium







1.5 Months

2 Years

1 Year


Disney+ Hotstar VIP

The Disney+ Hotstar very important person (VIP) plan is price at399 per annum. It provides customers with access to measure sports, seven multiplex movies, Hotstar exclusive shows, dubbed Disney+ shows, and Star serials. With this plan, customers will fancy streaming Dream11 IPL live.

Disney+ Hotstar Premium

Premium is that the major plan price at 299 per month or at  1,499 per annum. with the exception of the advantages bundle with the very important person (VIP) plan, the Premium plan additionally offers customers access to the newest American shows and movie, Disney+ Originals, Disney+ shows, Disney+ Movies, Disney+ children content and additional.

VIP Users

The very important person (VIP) plan is AN ad-support plan, which can show customers individualized ads throughout streaming. Whereas, the Premium plan is totally ad-free.

There’s free content on the platform like Star TV Shows, which can be offer to all or any with ads. If you’re a Premium client then you’ll not be seeing any advertisements.

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All subscriptions are non-refundable. in addition, these plans can’t be transfer or upgraded by the client, thus watch out whereas selecting the plan you would like to use.

Disney+ Hotstar very important person (VIP) customers will access content on one screen at a time, whereas, Premium customers will stream content on 2 screens at the same time.

Amazon Prime/ Disney Hotstar

first platforms that return to our mind square measure Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV+. however currently Indians are going to be glad to know that Disney+ platform will currently be accessed via Hotstar.

Disney plus was meant to be launch to coincide with IPL, however despite the Coronavirus pandemic and opt for, the Disney plus services went live for each day before being withdrawn on March 11 . in line with the Hotstar, Disney+ services was being test by small of users on the platform on the secretly
Disney+ Hotstar value & Subscription Plans in India:

1. Users need to pay an additional quantity of Rs. 399/year for Disney+ content, that is entirely break free the Rs.999/year Hotstar Premium Subscription. The package includes mobile application.

2. Users need to pay Rs. 1499/year for Disney Premium to get access to content like – The Mandalorian and also the World in line with Jeff Goldblum.

Disney+ Hotstar Competitors within the Market

With tons of choices offered, it would be tough for the users to decide on one, here is a few rival that’s already offered within the market.

No Losers

With a population of over one billion individuals, there’s no reason to suppose that any of those firms can fail. Netflix may not have the lion’s share of the market that it presently has within the U.S., however there need to be enough viewers to stay them profitable then some.
Hot star/Disney need to be able to maintain their market-leading position by dint of the content they need on supply, their good evaluation policies and also the truth they need a robust initial mover advantage, which can build their lead difficult to beat. because of the streaming wars go world, Disney’s Indian advantage could prove to be a really important win for them overall.

A Very advanced Market

Disney could have a conclusion within the works here, however there  are some factors at play in the Indian Over The Top market.
Netflix has never decorated up a flag. They’re continue to play with evaluation models. (While I don’t suppose we’ll see An ad-supported Netflix any time presently, if it will happen, it’ll probably be during a developing market like India.)

They are also operating with well-known Bollywood executives to supply series for the Indian market. A tactic that’s additionally being pursue by Amazon and variety of common native Indian services like ALT Balaji, Voot, and Zee5.


Indian services have stronger ties to Bollywood talent and can have offerings that square measure equally attractive—at a way additional competitive value. Free Upgrade From very important person To Mobile plan Hotstar very important person users are going to be upgrade to the mobile for the remaining subscription amount for complimentary.

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This implies very important person (VIP) users can currently be able to get all the content offer on the platform with none restrictions. This may even be applicable for those,  got Disney plus Hot star very important person (VIP) subscription from the Telco’s

Multi-user profiles

Let’s address the elephant within the room: Hotstar only lacks the support for multiple user profiles,  the users are petitioning for it quite virtually for years. While not individual profiles, different users usually taint your continue-watching list and proposals with those intolerable saas-bahu serials. That is very trouble for those sharing their Hotstar accounts with their family and friends.

Disney+, on the opposite hand it has a pretty good profile system, like you’ve seen on Netflix and Prime Video, permitting you to alter up to 6 profiles. As well as kid-friendly ones with a cleaner interface.


 Playback quality

When you’ve got many countless active users to cater, service availableness takes precedence over playback quality. That’s exactly what’s been happening with Hotstar for a few time. Even you’re connect to Wi-Fi and have the best quality video quality chosen. You’ll still see loads of artefacts on the mobile screen — one thing you always solely see on a stream heavily compress to let it play nicely on a poor 4G connections. And it’s even worse after you forged one thing to a Chromecast; it’s like  a 480p YouTube video stretch to fill a big TV screen.

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Thankfully, the playback quality is miles higher on Hotstar’s android TV app. Wherever it maintain a good bitrate of on the point of 4Mbps for a 1080p stream. However, the app will take a while to reach maximum resolution and bitrate. Therefore you will have to be compelled to place up with low content whereas beginning or cleaning through a video. It goes while not voice communication that none of this was a difficulty with Disney+ within the US.

Player screen

The video player interface on each the Indian and AMERICAN Disney+ apps square measure pretty barebones, providing you with some basic choices like selecting audio and subtitle languages. However, I do would like Hotstar permits the skip intro button for a lot of shows than simply the new Marvel ones, saving Maine from having to clumsily click the forward button many times once Watched.

An even bigger complaint for Hotstar users has been the Disney+/Hotstar watermark. Therefore the minuscule star icon from Hotstar’s past days that stick around throughout the video.

Local content

When it involves local content. Hotstar has the other beat with most local content for the Indian audience. Because the star network has been active in the marketplace for a while currently. It’s tones of local content in varied Indian languages.

However, even Netflix doesn’t have an area influence. It’s gaining ground by manufacturing extremely rated shows, with a star-studded forget to draw in the Indian audience. Netflix is applying the concept of quality over amount once it involves penetration in  India and different countries. It’s a universal library that boasts an oversized content bank in English language and a few quality shows within the local languages.

The languages it cannot turn out in, Netflix finds quality content and buys it from the producers. Amazon Prime is somewhere within the middle once it involves content variation. It’s a some few local shows and an oversized library of content in various languages however compare to the other 2 on the list it’s not that impressive.


I hope this Disney+ Hotstar Review can assist you to get regarding its worth, Plans, and features. If I conclude in brief, if you’re a Marvel or  Disney Fan like me, this can be what you wish. and that i can extremely suggest Hotstar Premium arrange as a result of it’s as well as Disney+ Originals, Shows, Movies & children content, Exclusive Hotstar Specials, Live Sports likewise as New Indian  picture Premieres. you’ll provide the group for cheaper rates, that’s what I did.

Author- Ankita Maurya

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