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Lifepoints Review

Lifepoint is a platform that allows you to earn money and rewards by completing surveys and small tasks on your laptop or phone. They claim to own over five million members, and supply surveys in 26 languages.

Let’s find out can you earn money just by completing simple tasks and surveys?

What is Life Points

Life Points is a free online platform with over 5 million members that rewards you for completing surveys and other activities like mini polls, product testing, and behaviour tracking. They need to be paid out over $22 million to their members up to now. Life Points was created by Lightspeed, a worldwide analysis and analysis firm. It is a hub for research and provides customers with the chance to influence the long run of merchandise and services by sharing their opinions. It’s conjointly the place to travel for those that need to gather rewards for living their lives. When you window shop, to the flicks, or just get pleasure from a replacement native service, you’ll be able to collect Life Points by sharing your views and opinions concerning these merchandise, services and knowledge.

How does it work

It’s simple. As a panellist, you answer questions and complete tasks that give companies feedback. As you are doing these items, you earn points. Those points will then be saved as gift cards to major brands, PayPal vouchers, or donations. There are three ways to earn points on the platform answering surveys, tracking consumer behaviour, and testing products.

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The variety of options sets LifePoints apart from other survey sites on the market. With alternative platforms, the sole means you’ll be able to earn is to complete surveys. As a critic with LifePoints, you’ll accumulate points on your account.  You will be able to see how much you can earn from each task before you start, and collect your points as soon as you finish it.

How to make money from LifePoints  

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1. Log In

When you sign up on the LifePoints you will earn 10 LifePoints for registering and validating your email address and another 10 for answering a few questions about your household to match you to survey opportunities. Click on the link below to signup on LifePoints.

2. Taking Surveys

There are several ways to earn LifePoints, however online surveys are the bread and butter of the location. you’ll be able to access accessible surveys once you log in to the LifePoints website they’re on the house page. LifePoints will transfer survey invites by email monthly. As I discussed before, the reward rate varies by the survey. I had offered as low as sixty points and as high as 350. Longer surveys generally award more points. Most surveys begin with a series of demographic and basic behavioural questions designed to determine if you fit the target audience If you do, you proceed to the remainder of the survey. If you don’t, you’re screened out and directed to the end.

3. Product Testing

From time to time, LifePoints might mail members products to check the home and after review. This may be fun thanks to getting hands-on expertise with a replacement product while earning rewards.

4. Recording Behaviours

LifePoint is an email to members behaviours diaries, asking them to keep track of how often they do certain things. This info is employed to tell product or service development. as an example, throughout a survey, I used to be offered 1,000 LifePoints to record all transactions created with a master card for a month.

Lifepoints Rewards

Once you’ve earned enough points through various tasks, you can redeem them to collect your rewards. Remember, life points aren’t an exact currency. They don’t translate to the precise greenback quantity you’ll earn once you redeem them. Instead, you’ll be able to use your points to “shop” for numerous rewards on the positioning. Those rewards embody gift cards to huge retailers, Paypal cash, and donations to major charities. Different completely different rewards come back at different costs.

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According to their website, life points can expire — you’ll have to “spend” your points within at least 3 years of earning them. That’s why I recommend getting new rewards frequently, instead of saving up your points for one big reward in the future.

How many points does one have to be compelled to ought to create an honest quantity of money? That’s a tough question to answer. the worth of points compared to greenbacks isn’t precise and varies with every prize. as an example, a $5 Paypal voucher might value additional points than a $5 Starbucks gift card. The only way to know how much life points are worth is to start earning and shopping yourself. I can tell you that you won’t earn a full-time salary on this app, but you can make enough to save up towards your next big online purchase, or just to buy your weekly caffeinated treat.


Boosters are ways in which you’ll be able to earn additional points, while not finishing tasks. These bonuses are usually given in percentages — in different words, with a booster you can earn particular proportion points for a given task. One of the foremost profitable boosters is the location services. Just by turning on your location while using the app, you’ll earn an extra 20% per task.

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You can conjointly earn boosters for keeping your profile up thus far, and for being a frequent user. The platform wants to reward panellists who stick with it and keep providing feedback, so the longer you’re an active user, the more earning opportunities you’ll have. . Sadly, there’s no referral system with LifePoints. different survey sites provide bonuses for referring a follower — but, the opposite boosters offered on this platform structure for it.

Getting Paid


When you have accumulated enough LifePoints, you can redeem them for your choice of:

  • PayPal credit
  • Electronic gift card
  • Charitable donation

How many points are enough so let’s take a look, If you want to donate $1.80 to UNICEF, you can do it for just 205 points? For a $5 Amazon gift card, you need 550 points. The smallest PayPal credit you can claim is $10, and that cost is 1200 points.

If you would like to urge the most effective price for your LifePoints, redeeming for a present card or a charitable donation of a minimum of $5 is the thanks to going. after you redeem this manner, LifePoints ar value regarding nine cents every. If you prefer the versatility of money, you can redeem for a PayPal credit for slightly less value 8.3 cents per point. Note that the e-mail address you are accustomed register with LifePoints should match your PayPal email. It doesn’t, you’ll have to be compelled to add the LifePoints email to your PayPal account.

Whether you redeem for a gift card or PayPal credit, it’ll take up to 10 business days to receive.

LifePoints Pros & Cons


  • Unlike other survey sites, there are multiple ways to earn points through LifePoints. you’ll even earn for doing stuff you would unremarkably do, like searching or feeding in an exceedingly building, and acquire even additional points only for turning your location on.
  • Earning opportunity for teenagers they can participate in LifePoints, making it an awesome way for a teenager to make some spending money.
  • Through LifePoints, you can redeem your points to direct money through PayPal or get gift cards to save up for a big online purchase.
  • With 26 different languages and international availability, this is an awesome platform for people all over the world including travellers who want to make money on the road.


  • There is no way of knowing how much you can realistically earn for each survey.
  • Some users have complained about glitches on the website and app, especially when initially signing up and creating an account.
  • LifePoints expire once three years, which makes it tough to save lots of up your points for an extremely massive payout. However, if you redeem your points fairly frequently, that shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Affiliate marketing is a great way to make some money remotely through social media. Unfortunately, as of now, there is not an affiliate marketing program available through LifePoints.


LifePoints is not a scam. It’s a legitimate market research site that rewards panellists for providing important feedback. You definitely won’t lose any money on this app and you won’t lose much time, either. Just about all of the surveys take but ten minutes to complete. You can also earn points just by recording your experience in a store, or by testing products.

If you want to make some extra cash with easy, quick tasks, LifePoints might be exactly what you are looking for. This platform is free, easy to use, and honestly pretty fun.

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