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MyPoints Review

MyPoints Review is a reward platform where users can earn money and gift cards for taking surveys, shopping, and more. LifePoints Features   In this MyPooints review, we are going to show you how it works and whether it is worth it.

What is MyPoints 

MyPoints is an online reward platform that awards points for shopping online, taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, and more. MyPoints was established in 1996 and have over 20 million active members.

You can use MyPoints online or on the free mobile app. There are no charges for signing up with MyPoints and you will be able to begin earning points directly. Points are redeemable for cash through PayPal, gift cards, or credits to your United Mileage Plus account. Gift cards are available for popular retailers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, and more. The value of the points varies based on how you redeem them.

How MyPoints Works

It’s free to sign up for MyPoints. Once you have completed your profile, you are free to begin earning points, which can ultimately be exchanged for rewards.

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There are a variety of different activities you can complete to earn points, however, the quickest way to earn points is by shopping with one of MyPoints 1,900 retail partners. Simply navigate to the retailer’s website via the link on the MyPoints website. Because there are so many well-known online retailers paired with MyPoints it’s worth checking this website every time you are about to shop online. The number of points you earn will usually be dependent on the amount you spend with the retailer.

Ways to earn money with MyPoints

In MyPoints you can earn points and exchange them for money. The more points you earn, the more value you have when you exchange them. Some people earn points throughout the year but wait until the holidays to redeem them to help pay for holiday gifts.

Here are some ways to earn money from MyPoints-

1. Sign-Up

Signing up for MyPoints is free. And, once you pay $20 through MyPoints at any taking part retail merchant inside the primary thirty days of membership, you’ll earn an additional 1,750 points value for a $10 gift card. this is often one of the best purpose earning opportunities we’ve seen only for communication up. Click on the link to register on MyPoints  

2. Online Surveys

MyPoints pays up to four hundred points for respondent surveys. To begin, you answer a brief survey with some personal information for ten points. This info helps MyPoints match you to different survey opportunities. you’ll be able to conjointly earn five points for every ten queries you answer to create your profile. you’ll be able to opt for surveys supported length and reward. Usually, longer surveys award additional points, however, that isn’t invariably the case.

Generally, once you begin a survey, you answer some screening inquiries to see if you belong to the audience. If you do, you proceed to the survey, and if you don’t, you’re screened out. in this case, you don’t get the secure points, however, MyPoints throws 1-5 points your manner for attempting. Only for communication up, MyPoints can offer you $5 when you are taking your initial five surveys. It very is that straightforward.

3. Online Shopping

If you wish to earn points for online purchases you’d create from MyPoints. simply browse the list of outlets, click the one you wish to buy at, and acquire redirected to their website. Then search as you ordinarily would. You earn a precise variety of points per dollar on your purchase, and your MyPoints account is mechanically attributable.

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With over,900 partner retailers, MyPoints is well one of the simplest money back apps for online looking. common retailers include- Amazon, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Kohls. The rewards rate varies by retail merchant and promotion, however, MyPoints says it will vary from one to forty points per dollar. I didn’t see any offers for 40 points per dollar once I signed up, however, I saw several for 15.

4. Reading Email

MyPoints sends emails called Bonus Mail that offer ways to earn points – many awards 5 points just for clicking links in the email Others are for special offers or maybe donating to noted charities.

5. Scoring Deals

MyPoints partners with service suppliers and retailers to supply its members points for taking advantage of deals or sign language up for a program. For example, after I perused my offers, they enclosed these:

  • 5,000 points for signing up for a Hulu subscription
  • 50 points for signing up for Huggies Rewards
  • 1,000 points for signing up for ABC’s free 30-day trial Watching Videos

You can earn points every day watching MyPoints videos playlists. You can choose from categories that interest you, such as news, health, or entertainment. Looking at the reward rates, you’ll see they‘re pretty low. For example, 4 points for watching 35 minutes of fashion wire videos. For a survey of a similar length, you’d earn over 100 points.

6. Referral Rewards

Earn 25 points once you refer a friend then he signs up on MyPoints. Then, if that friend spends $20 and qualifies for their 1,750 bonus points, you get 750 points after that, you earn 10% of all the eligible points your friend earns. So, a referring friend who will use MyPoints to its full potential can help you ramp up your rewards.

7. Printing and Redeeming Coupons

MyPoints offers free coupons MyPoints Review you’ll be able to print and redeem at native grocery stores. For store coupons, you get one LifePoints Features   purpose once you print a coupon and twenty-five points once you redeem it Coupons are for things you are likely to purchase anyway- such as toilet paper, shampoo, pet food, groceries, and more. Keep in mind, you are allowed to print as many coupons as you want, but you will only earn points on the first 500 you print.

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Some of mine included 40% off at Eddie Bauer, discounts and bonuses for making a Marriott reservation, and 25% off tickets for popular LifePoints Features   shows through Ticketmaster.

Point Perks

MyPoints has an active social MyPoints Review media presence, and to engage members in the community, they post “perk codes” on their LifePoints Features  accounts and throughout the site. You can redeem perk codes for free points.

Completing the Daily 5

You can earn 5 bonus points every day by fulfilling 5 of the following tasks:

  • Vote in the Daily Poll
  • Activate or log into Score! browser extension
  • Complete a nCrave
  • Watch a Video Playlist
  • Complete a Survey
  • When you take advantage of a deal
  • Click on a BonusMail email
  • Visit a site of their choosing

Voting in the daily Poll

Every day, you’ll be able to earn one purpose by ballot in MyPoints’ single-question daily poll. The questions are pretty LifePoints Features   easy. When I logged in while writing this article, the question asked what the largest sum of money is that I have ever loaned someone.

Adding MyPoint score to your browser

Like several online rewards platforms, MyPoints encompasses a browser extension that produces earning points easier. Once you add Score to your browser, it’ll establish earning opportunities and apply relevant coupons once you visit partner merchandiser sites. And you get one hundred bonus points only for enabling it.

Playing Games

You can earn points for LifePoints Features   each MyPoints Review greenback you pay on online games through the MyPoints website. you wish to line up a separate games account to urge started. Offers embody fifty points on your 1st token purchase for GSN casino games and eight points per greenback on future token purchases.

Getting Paid

mypoints review || LifePoints Features  

You can live your points for gift cards, money through PayPal, and more. you’ll be able to even redeem for a credit to your United Mileage and account. There are plenty of retailers to settle on from, too. Note that there are physical and electronic gift cards, you receive a claim code via email. LifePoints Features   Though rewards typically arrive at once, MyPoints advises that it will take up to ten business days. Physical gift cards are shipped to you and would possibly take longer.

I like to recommend being attentive to the worth of your points, though. It’s nice that there are such a large amount of choices, however, the comeback on your points isn’t mounted. as an example, within the past, a $25 PayPal credit price of 3,970 points, however, the $25 Burger King gift card solely price 3,520 points. You bought additionally for your points with Burger King.

My Points Features  

Many features stood out in my mind that differentiated My Points from other sites.

1. Score

The score is MyPoints built-in browser bar. You’ll use this when shopping online, and your MyPoints accounts when shopping. MyPoints Review The score also gives you coupons, deals, and the latest promos, making it easier and faster to earn rewards points.

2. Daily Deals

I liked the daily deals feature substantially. This highlights the times biggest promotions on the market through My Points. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles of some promo sites, however, it offers members a  LifePoints Features  straightforward thanks to earning additional points quickly. which is the whole purpose.

3. Shop in-store

Another feature I found very useful was the search for future choices. this is often an extremely easy manner for you to redeem your My Points rewards points. If you’re searching in a very collaborating store, you’ll simply scan the receipt along with your smartphone and buy the acquisition exploitation My Points rewards points. that’s an amazing chance that almost all rewards redemption policies don’t have a suggestion.

Point redemption policy

I have to say MyPoints is pretty  MyPoints Review versatile when it comes to redemptions you’ll redeem your rewards points once you get 700 points. this is often adequate to a $5 gift card in most cases. That’s a fairly low bar considering the competition. What’s even additional spectacular is that a number of the deals can  MyPoints Review allow you to use your rewards points forthwith. thus you’ll take a survey and live on the spot. That’s a helpful policy.

Available redemption options

  • Redeem points for real cash by transferring them to your PayPal or Visa paid account and so to your checking account.
  • Convert points to airlines miles with United Mileage Plus accounts
  • Shop at collaborating stores together with major brands like Kohl’s, Old Navy, Target, Walmart, and more.

MyPoints Pros & Cons


  • Their mobile app is easy to use so you can money on your phone or the web.
  • You can redeem your rewards MyPoints Review points once you get 700 points. This is equal to a $5 gift card in the most cases LifePoints Features
  • You can earn rewards easily, MyPoints Review through taking surveys, watching videos, and more.
  • Their customer support team is helpful and was easily able to resolve the issues I had.


  • You may not be able to take all the surveys, many surveys have disqualification terms.
  • I found that I typically received identical supplies multiple times.
  • While the customer support team was helpful, the signing up process did not go as well as it could have.


In this article, we were reviewing MyPoints. Mypoints is extra money earning platform where you can earn money in your free time just by using your smartphone. MyPoints never going to make you a millionaire, But if you are willing to put in the hours, you can certainly make a small amount of extra money on the site.

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